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Massages and other well-being treatments.

Let us pamper you with our ‘healing hands’.

Man and woman in the spa area

When you relax, time stops, or at least the clocks tick a little slower. Lower your inner energy level, calm your mind - and redefine your core being. As your point of arrival. Of coming home. And wanting to stay.
Enjoy our wide range of massages and let our experts pamper you. Only through regeneration can our three-pillar concept enable a sustainable, active and healthy lifestyle.


Our massage offers



Classic Massage

Classic massage is used for relaxation, loosening and stretching of muscle tissue and additional strengthening of muscles. It acts like a passive movement therapy. At the same time, it stimulates blood circulation in the tissues and skin, which has a positive effect on circulation and your well-being.

25 min € 39,-
50 min € 69,-
75 min € 99,-

Sports massage

Your muscles and connective tissues are loosened with a slightly more intense and pressure-filled massage technique. The blood circulation of the body is stimulated and your muscular regeneration is optimized. We recommend this treatment as a revitalizing treatment after an exercise session in order to be fit and vital again afterwards.

25 min € 40,-
50 min € 70,-
75 min € 100,-

Sports massage with massage gun

Rapid rhythmic tapping on the muscles loosens them and stimulates the blood supply. Tensions are temporarily released and the metabolism within the muscle fibers is stimulated.

25 min € 39,-

Face-head-neck massage

A nice face, neck and head massage can sometimes work wonders! After just a short time, you will slip into a state of absolute relaxation, blockages will be released and headaches will be relieved. Switch off and enjoy.

25 min € 39,-

Hot Stone Massage

A combination of soothing massage, with heated lava stones and high-quality oil for a deep effect. The warmth of the basalt stones loosens the deep muscles and releases tension and blockages, so that body and mind are in harmony again.

25 min € 43,-
75 min € 106,-

Honey back massage

The special plucking massage is performed with pure natural honey. The metabolism is stimulated, waste products are released from the tissue and the muscles are loosened. The honey has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates blood circulation.

25 min € 43,-


Relax massage is a wellness massage designed to relax the body and mind. Gentle, slow and steady touches put the body in a relaxed state. It is suitable for everyone who wants to recover from stress and tension and come to inner peace. The aim of the massage is to bring your body and mind into harmony and revitalize it with new energy.

25 min € 41,-
50 min € 71,-

Fit Combination Massage

A perfect combination of classic partial body and foot massage. Regenerative impulses are set by the foot massage to activate the self-healing powers and release tension. The classic partial body massage is used for relaxation, loosening and stretching of the muscle tissue and additional strengthening of the muscles.

50 min € 69,-

Wellness break

A soothing treatment for your whole body. After a full body exfoliation, enjoy a nourishing moisture pack that is worked into the skin with gentle massage strokes.

50 min € 75,-

Herbal stamp massage

Linen bags filled with herbs are passed over the tense muscles in circular and gentle tapping movements. The interplay of heat, massage and aromas releases tension and stimulates the metabolism. The immune system and circulation are strengthened and joint problems and rheumatic complaints are alleviated.

25 min € 45,-
50 min € 79,-

Foot massage

The body is a finely tuned and cooperating unit. Through pressureful activation of the reflex pathways by means of special massage technique, all organs and muscles of your body are activated. The individual reflex zones on the soles of your feet are assigned to specific organs and tissues. Your well-being is increased by this pressure point massage and at the same time activates your self-healing powers.

25 min € 39,-
50 min € 69,-

Vibration massage

Actively firms the tissue. The vibration stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, adhesions and tensions are released.

25 min € 39,-

Brush massage

Already during the massage, the blood circulation really gets going again. A pleasant tingling sensation spreads throughout the body and the exfoliating effect of the brushes results in intensive absorption of active ingredients for smooth and radiant skin.

50 min € 74

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