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Climbing during a holiday in Tyrol – Kletterarena Kaiserwinkl

A climbing arena with three via ferrata routes for thrills on the mountain

Climbing and via ferrata routes in the Kaiserwinkl

An activity holiday in the middle of the dreamy mountains calls for extensive mountain hikes and MTB tours. The most courageous can also try out another challenge in the summer, which requires complete body control: climbing! For an unforgettable climbing holiday in Austria, let us present: Kletterarena Kaiserwinkl. In spring through to autumn leisure climbers get to let off steam here on the slope and balance in the lofty heights on continuous steel cables and suspension bridges.

Set up in 2011, the three via ferrata routes comprise 70 to 300 metre long climbing routes in good rock. The Kaiserwinkl offers a vibrant blend of beginner routes and tours, with overhanging sections, breath-taking views and a certain amount of thrills – completely free too!

With the right climbing equipment, that is, a helmet, waist belt and via ferrata set, the practice via ferrata route and two challenging sports via ferrata routes can be tackled with success. Beginners are best to climb with a safety cable. Everyone who reaches the summit during their climbing trip, can use the ridgeway on the Harauer Spitze as a safe option for their descent.

Kaiserwinkl climbing arena - an overview of the via ferratas:

  • Bergkammeraden route (D/E)
  • Ottenalm Direttissima (D/E)
  • Walchsee circuit (C) – Practice via ferrata

Walchsee circuit: Practice via ferrata for beginners

The Walchsee circuit is the easiest of the three via ferratas and is a good start for your climbing holiday. For this moderate to difficult via ferrata route you still need general basic knowledge and the right climbing equipment.

The name of the Walchsee circuit alludes to its make-up. Unlike the other two routes, this via ferrata does not proceed to the summit – rather it can only be tackled as a circuit. However there is a path link to the tower bridge, which bears left. The difficulty level of this section rises to C/D. From here, the climb can be continued to the Bergkameraden path.

Details about this practice via ferrata:

  • Route length: 70 metres
  • Metres ascent: 50 metres
  • Difficulty level: C (moderate to difficult, with stirrups)
  • Climbing equipment: Helmet, waist belt, via ferrata set und if required, climbing shoes
  • Special features: Circuit with no summits to tackle and with a link path to the tower bridge

Bergkameraden path: Sports climb with overhang sections

The Bergkameraden via ferrata is an exciting challenge for advanced climbers and unforgettable for any climbing holiday. This challenging sports via ferrata has very difficult sections, with two overhanging passages. Anyone who is looking for impressive views for a climbing trip will find just that on this via ferrata.

A good level of fitness, strength and endurance is required to be able to work your way to the summit of the mountain. On the route to the top there are also two suspension bridges. Secure climbing equipment is of course also needed for this ascent, which, depending on your experience level, can take around an hour. There is no emergency exit point which is why it is important to be realistic when estimating your own climbing ability.

Details about the Bergkameraden path:

  • Route length: 310 metres
  • Metres ascent: 170 metres
  • Difficulty level: D/E (challenging to very difficult, with stirrups)
  • Climbing equipment: Helmet, waist belt, via ferrata set und if required, climbing shoes
  • Special features: Climb up to the summit with overhanging sections and no emergency exit point

Ottenalm Direttissima: The most difficult via ferrata route for leisure climbers

Ottenalm Direttissima presents particularly challenging climbing. This climbing route is regarded as the most difficult of the three via ferratas and is geared to died-in-the-wool climbing fans who adore thrills. Getting to the summit is done completely without any stirrups and is only advised for performance-oriented climbers – at any rate there is also no emergency exit point here.

One vertical and two overhanging sections are there to be tackled and along with strength, also require experience and an assured technique. Variety-packed climbing is very much emphasised on the Ottenalm-Direttissima – a highlight for any climbing holiday in Austria!

Details about Ottenalm-Direttissima:

  • Route length: 180 metres
  • Metres ascent: 130 metres
  • Difficulty level: D/E (challenging to very difficult, no stirrups)
  • Climbing equipment: Helmet, waist belt, via ferrata set und if required, climbing shoes
  • Special features: vertical and hanging sections, along with climbing without any stirrups

Climbing with children: creative summer workshops

Of course climbing with children is not always easy, in any event, these difficult via ferratas should not be tackled. To make a climbing holiday exciting for the littlest children too, there are ‘creative summer workshops‘. These take place in the summer, in the months of June to September and enable children to take part in climbing courses for themselves.

Along with gorge climbing for children aged between 8 and 16, there are also other activities, including the ‘Abenteuer Alm’ for all the family, and ‘Kids – Canyoning’ for teenagers. Apart from general climbing, the focus here is on the passion for nature and animals. Take a look!

Details about the summer workshops:

  • Over 20 exciting programme points
  • Qualified supervision
  • Awakens an interest in exploring and researching
  • Courses for children or all the family
  • Discounts with the Kaiserwinkl Card

Other summer activities

Other activities for your summer holiday in Tyrol:

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